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Answers to Some of the top Plumbing Questions

Have you experienced any plumbing challenges in your home or place of work this year? This article has summed up some of the top plumbing repair concerns experienced by homeowners by Tucson plumbing clients. Simple solutions have been recommended as to how best one can solve those problems.

Is it Necessary to Turn off the Water When out on Vacation?

Hardly anyone forgets to pack up their toothbrushes. The same applies to leave their pets under the watchful eyes of their in-laws. You are automatically inclined to check on your stove, the doorways, and much more. Today, checking the water is equally important as all those other things.

Most homeowners exclude shutting out the water in their vacation preparation list. It is expected that the water should be fine when going out, however, this is not always the case. When left unchecked, the water will drip into the home interior for days or even weeks. It will be unfortunate if you receive a phone calls from your neighbor that a mini-river seems to be flowing from your driveway while the beachside relaxes you, hundreds of miles away.

To prevent such unfortunate scenarios, the remedy is as simple as shutting off the water to your home just before you leave. This then limits the amount of damage brought about by plumbing while away.

Where is the Main Valve that Shuts out the Water?

If you have never seen the need to shut off the water flowing to your home, then you might not know where it is. This information is crucial since you might have to shut the main supply in the event of an emergency.

Here is how you can locate it:

Frequently, it can be found close to the perimeter of the home.

Just about three feet below the ground, in the basement or an eye-level lower. The shut-off valve is just where the house and line meet.

In your inspection report, you must mention whether you need to hire an inspector. If so, where have you kept his report? The report will help you locate the shut-off valve.

Usually, it rests right behind a panel. Builders are advised not to seal water shut off valves behind drywall. If a remodeling panel hides your valve, you must have an access panel present to reach that valve.